Last Revision: 4 March 2012
Previous revision: 18 March 2009

The Globality Studies Journal (GSJ) is electronic, interdisciplinary, and translocal. Hence, contributors to GSJ should heed three ground rules:

  • Write for the computer screen where shorter paragraphs fare better than longer ones.
  • Write for a multidisciplinary audience in a non-technical way but if technical terminology is necessary, explain it clearly.
  • Write for readers that may be unfamiliar with your national culture and its references, puns and metaphors.

All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed prior to being accepted or rejected; resubmission after a substantial revision may be requested.

Length: Articles 5,000 words and up; Reviews up to 5,000 words; and Views up to 3,000 words.

Submission: Please submit your manuscript in Times New Roman, size 12, aligned left (not justified), in Microsoft Word (preferably in the newer .docx format) as an e-mail attachment to with “submission” in the subject line.

Everything (text, endnotes, bibliography) should be double-spaced with 1-inch (2.5 cm) margins on all sides. The cover page of the manuscript should contain:

  • the title of your paper,
  • your name, affiliation, and e-mail address,
  • an abstract of maximal 150 words, plus
  • up to seven keywords.

Do not add more than one space between sentences. Modern variable width fonts and smart software handle the spacing between the end of one sentence and the beginning of another. The old habit from the mechanical typewriter-days of inserting two spaces between sentences is obsolete.

Please instruct MS Word to apply U.S. English spelling. U.K. spelling is only acceptable in references and citations.

Authors may want to consult the latest Chicago Manual of Style and should follow the example of already published GSJ articles.

Copyrights: Authors are responsible for securing photographic and other reproductions and acquiring permission to publish them on the Web.

Images, Tables, Figures etc. must have a caption above or below. The caption should provide source, copyright and other relevant information either directly or via an endnote.

Paragraph numbering: GSJ uses consecutive paragraph numbering from first to last paragraph. These numbers are automatically added by WordPress, the GSJ software.

Our rationale for paragraph numbering: the traditional page numbering of print publications does not work for Web pages. Paragraph numbering, however, makes it possible to quote electronic texts precisely.

Foreign language terms: All non-English terms should be in italics followed by an English translation in parenthesis, for example: “The Kim Young Sam administration’s saegyehwa (globalization) drive…”

Citations: Manuscripts may be either in the Notes-Bibliography style (endnotes with bibliographical information) or in the parenthetical Author-Date style with a bibliography in alphabetical order at the end.

Internet references should be double-checked by the author(s) and must include a recent access date in parentheses:

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. See (accessed 4 March 2012).

Quotations: All quotations, including emphasized words, should use double quotation marks. Single quotation marks are acceptable only for a quote within a quote. Here are various examples:

  • The “stakeholder model” of capitalism.
  • “Cultures can be very small, whereas civilizations are always large conglomerates” (Schäfer 2001: 304).
  • For Levy and Sznaider, cosmopolitanism is “a process of ‘internal globalization’ through which global concerns become part of local experiences of an increasing number of people” (2002: 87).
  • Biblap Dasgupta concludes, “There is no evidence that structural adjustment works.” [17]

Please note a) that GSJ uses smart quotes (curly quotation marks) and b) that the period closing the last example is inside the double quotation mark and the endnote reference is outside. All punctuation signs (commas, semicolons, or periods) are to be placed inside citations. You can set Word’s grammar and style options to check for “inside” punctuation.

Bulleted lists in individual paragraphs are welcome  (if used sparingly) and numbered lists should be avoided since they can conflict with the consecutive paragraph numbers.

Book review copies should be sent to:

Globality Studies Journal
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook Institute for Global Studies
Stony Brook, N.Y. 11794-3380

Style inquiries not answered by these guidelines may be sent to the Editor.