6 April 2011

As of today, the Globality Studies Journal (GSJ) is powered by WordPress, an advanced and robust Content Management System (CMS) that is used widely, mainly for blogs.

Thanks to Nicholas Wellcome, GSJ’s new webmaster, we have managed to replicate the familiar design of the journal in WordPress, although everything “under the hood” has changed, including the URL, which is now https://globality.cc.stonybrook.edu.

Before, we could not separate the html code of the design from the html code of the content and had to maintain two websites for GSJ: a hidden “development” site for new content, and a public “production” site for the world to see – a cumbersome arrangement and a source of constant headaches. With WordPress, web design and content are effectively separate; there is only one site to maintain; and the publication of new “posts” (i.e. articles, reviews, and views) is as easy as copy and paste. Hence, technical knowledge is no longer required to “publish” new content. One may deplore this deskilling trend, but the bottom line is that GSJ, and non-commercial publications like it, can only survive if they take advantage of the most sophisticated and cost-efficient means of production.