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Issue 40, July 15, 2014
Robert A. Saunders, “The Geopolitics of Russophonia: The Problems and Prospects of Post-Soviet ‘Global Russian’”

Issue 39, September 22, 2013
Oskar Kurer, “Germany – Heading for Meltdown?”

Issue 38, September 22, 2013
John-Paul Wilson, “Regional Confluence: Foreign Enterprise and Nicaraguan Costeño Society”

Issue 37, September 8, 2013
Martha C. E. Van Der Bly, “Pananthropoi – Towards a Society of All Humanity”

Issue 36, July 26, 2013
Wolf Schäfer, “Pangaea II – The Project of the Global Age”

Issue 35, July 26, 2013
Branko Bošnjaković, “Environment and Climate Change as Geopolitical Issues in the Asias: What Can Be Learned from the European Experience?”

Issue 34, July 26, 2013
Caroline A. Sullivan, “Global Water Resources: Where are the Vulnerable?”

Issue 33, July 26, 2013
Filip Johnsson, “Global and Regional Energy Challenges to 2050 and Beyond: Experiences from Assessing Energy Pathways for Europe”

Issue 32, July 26, 2013
Jeffrey Broadbent and Co-authors: , “Asian Societies and Climate Change: The Variable Diffusion of Global Norms”

Issue 31, August 28, 2012
Philip S. Khoury, “World into Globe I: Introductory Remarks”

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SNUAC, Seoul
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MIT, Cambridge
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DiTella, Buenos Aires
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Shenzhen University
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